World War II V-Discs

Listen to some of those World War II V-Disc records.

Army V-Discs were issued from October 1943 thru May 1949.
There were 905 of them. Navy V-Discs from July 1944 thru
September 1945. There were 275 of them. The Navy had to be different.
These recordings are presented in numerical order. Almost all are
from Army V-Discs. If there is a Navy disc it will be found in the spot
where the equivalent Army disc would be so as to keep some order to this.
Some are scratchy, some clean. I am working on adding more and cleaning
up the sound on the ones already posted. Very time consuming. But,
scratches or not, the music is a real product of the times and
just makes for good nostalgic listening.
Some of these sides have been downloaded from YouTube. I want to thank
those who uploaded their V-Discs for others to enjoy!

Newly added sides will be marked by this cute thing:

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Discography information is from
"V-Discs - A Historical Discography" and "V-Discs - First Supplement"
both by Richard S. Sears
These are a must for V-Disc collectors.
These books were available from Greenwood Press but
Greenwood Press is no more. The books are available Here.
Once there, click on product search (at the left edge of your screen)
and then use V-Disc as the keyword for a search.
Note: It would appear that only the Supplement is available now.

A (?) next to an item on these pages means information is uncertain.