A Few Unusual Recordings

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These recordings were made at 80 RPM.
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World War I Red Cross Benefit
The Panama Pacific International
Exposition Souvenir Record

  Columbia A1685 - Recorded January 22, 1915
  "The Star Spangled Banner" - Sung by Margaret Woodrow Wilson (President Wilson's Daughter)
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  Columbia A1685 - Recorded January 23, 1915
  "Medley Of Patriotic Airs" - Played by The Columbia Band
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Columbia Advertising Records

  Double-Disc Demo - Issued 1910
  "Sales Talk Expounding The Advantages Of Columbia Double Sided Records"
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  Double-Disc Demo - Issued 1910
  "Kentucky Babe" - Sung by Columbia Male Quartette
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  Columbia Advertising Record - 5.5" diameter label - Issued 1913
  "Sales Talk With Music"
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  Columbia Advertising Record - Issued 1913
  "Good Night, Little Girl, Good Night" - Sung by Henry Burr
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Columbia 12" Flag Label - What is it?

I could use a little help on this one. This record is listed in
"The Columbia Master Book Discography, Volume IV" on
page xi as being part of an Educational Series that covers
record numbers 53000-D thru 53008-D. The master numbers
are 90630 Take 2 and 90631 Take 1. These numbers are on
the labels and in the wax at the 5:30 position. The Take numbers
are in the wax at about the 11:30 position. This record is not
listed anywhere else in Volume IV, which covers 12" masters.
I thought at first that they could be foreign masters but the
general appearance and position of the numbers in the
wax makes me think otherwise. The flag label was in use
from 1923-1925. The master number seems to indicate a
recording date sometime in 1924 according to a block listing
in "The Columbia Master Book Discography".
If anyone has any information
that would date and identify these recordings, I would
appreciate hearing from you.
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The record is in beautiful condition and you can listen
to both sides below.

Listen Here

Listen Here

Not So Unusual As Just Fun! A War Song Medley
Played By Prince's Band - Recorded Jan 5, 1918

Listen To Part 1 Here

Listen To Part 2 Here

Listen To Both Sides Uninterrupted Here

Here are a couple more 12" Columbia recordings that are just for listening pleasure.

Columbia A5643 "Sugar Lump" by Prince's Band - Jan 7, 1915

Columbia A5643 "By Heck" by Prince's Band - Jan 7, 1915

Compare "By Heck" to the Dorsey Brothers' recording of Jun 13, 1933 "By Heck"

"The Columbia Master Book Discography" (Four Volumes) by
Brian Rust and Tim Brooks is available from Greenwood Press.

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