Twin Earths Sunday Strips

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The Sunday strips were printed from March 1, 1953 thru December 28, 1958.
The first 48 strips, collected by me as a youth, are presented here. The paper
these are from used a large size vertical format. Some papers used a smaller
size horizontal format. Going from a horizontal format to a vertical format
resulted in the deletion of one panel. The story line was not affected, the
deleted panel not being important. The R. Susor Sunday reprints, which used
the horizontal format and are in black and white, contain the panel missing
from those presented here, which are in color.
I thought you might like to see them in color.

Sunday Strips 1 thru 12
Sunday Strips 13 thru 24
Sunday Strips 25 thru 36
Sunday Strips 37 thru 48

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