Jets Rockets And Spacemen

This is the spot to see all 108 Bowman
1951 Jets Rockets And Spacemen
Bubble Gum Cards in glorious 2-D color.
Follow the voyages of Rocket Ships 6X52 and 6X53
as they explore the solar system and beyond!
Leaping Lepons!! Move over Tom Corbett!!

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Download Screensaver Pics Below !!

These cards were collected by myself in 1951. I hinged them in a
small spiral notebook with old style scotch tape (before "Magic Tape") in
order to keep them organized. Below is an example from this notebook.
A few years ago I carefully scanned both fronts and backs in
order to make a slide show screen saver. Below also is an example
of a screen saver picture - downsized to fit this page. The various
backgrounds I used were downloaded from NASA.
Note the dark scotch tape to the right on the rear of the card.
What this site displays is the scans of the cards I used to
make up the screen saver pictures, which can all be
downloaded at the bottom of this page.

You can download all the 1024x768 screen saver pictures.
Each zip file is about 13 megabytes and contains 27 pictures.

To download pictures 1 thru 27, click here
To download pictures 28 thru 54, click here
To download pictures 55 thru 81, click here
To download pictures 82 thru 108, click here

You can now download all the scans I made long ago of
the individual cards (front and back) so you can do
whatever you wish with them. Click here

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