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Title Vocalist 78 RPM Source
Jul 7 1936 Parade Of The Milk Bottle Caps Decca 3334-B
Jul 23 1936 Mutiny In The Brass Section Decca 1256-B
Feb 26 1937 All God's Chillun Got Rhythm Vicki Joyce Decca 1256-A
Jun 23 1937 Flight Of The Bumble Bee Decca 3333-B
Mar 16 1938 Don't Be That Way Decca 1733-A
Mar 16 1938 It's The Dreamer In Me Bob Eberle Decca 1733-B
Apr 29 1938 Dusk In Upper Sandusky Decca 3333-A
Apr 29 1938 John Silver Chant by Band Decca 3334-A
Feb 10 1939 Romance Runs In The Family Helen O'Connell Decca 2294-B
May 26 1939 Shoot The Meat Balls To Me, Dominick! Boy!! Decca 2612-B
Jul 14 1939 The Jumpin' Jive
(Jim Jam Jump)
Helen O'Connell Decca 2612-A
Apr 9 1940 Boog-It Helen O'Connell and Band Decca 3152-A
Apr 9 1940 Six Lessons From Madame La Zonga Helen O'Connell Decca 3152-B
Apr 9 1940 I Bought A Wooden Whistle Helen O'Connell and Band Decca 3280-A
Apr 18 1940 The Breeze And I Bob Eberly Decca 3150-B
Apr 30 1940 Blue Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell Decca 3280-B
Jun 16 1939 Back To Back Helen O'Connell Decca 2554-A
Jun 16 1939 Especially For You Helen O'Connell Decca 2554-B
Jul 17 1940 Dolimite Decca 3312-A
Jul 17 1940 Hep-Tee Hootie
(Juke Box Jive)
Helen O'Connell and Band Decca 3312-B
Oct 1 1940 You've Got Me This Way Helen O'Connell Decca 3435-A
Oct 1 1940 The Bad Humor Man Helen O'Connell and Band Decca 3435-B
Dec 9 1940 The Mem'ry Of A Rose Bob Eberly Decca 3570-A
Dec 9 1940 I Hear A Rhapsody Bob Eberly Decca 3570-B
Dec 9 1940 I Understand Bob Eberly Decca 3585-A
Dec 9 1940 High On A Windy Hill Bob Eberly Decca 3585-B
Feb 3 1941 Amapola
(Pretty Little Poppy)
Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell Decca 25120-A
Feb 3 1941 Yours Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell Decca 25121-A
Mar 3 1941 Au Reet
(Au Rote Au Root)
Helen O'Connell and Band Decca 3721-A
Mar 3 1941 Man, That's Groovy Helen O'Connell and Band Decca 3721-B
Mar 19 1941 Maria Elena Bob Eberly Decca 3698-A
Mar 19 1941 Green Eyes Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell Decca 3698-B
Apr 29 1941 Blue Champagne Bob Eberly Decca 3775-A
Apr 29 1941 All Alone And Lonely Bob Eberly Decca 3775-B
May 19 1941 Time Was Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell Decca 3859-A
May 19 1941 Isle Of Pines Bob Eberly Decca 3859-B
May 19 1941 Embraceable You Helen O'Connell Decca 3928-A
May 19 1941 Fingerbustin' Decca 3928-B
Aug 1 1941 Jim Helen O'Connell and Bob Eberly Decca 3963-A
Aug 1 1941 A New Shade Of Blue Bob Eberly Decca 3963-B
Aug 1 1941 The Spirit's Got Me Bob Eberly and Band Decca 4075-A
Aug 1 1941 Charleston Alley Decca 4075-B
Sep 2 1941 Tropical Magic Bob Eberly Decca 4034-A
Sep 2 1941 It Happened In Hawaii Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell Decca 4034-B
Oct 9 1941 Any Bonds Today Helen O'Connell and Bob Eberly Decca 4044
Dec 3 1941 The White Cliffs Of Dover Bob Eberly Decca 4103-A
Dec 3 1941 I Got It Bad
(And That Ain't Good)
Helen O'Connell Decca 4103-B
Dec 10 1941 Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry Helen O'Connell Decca 4122-A
Dec 10 1941 Tangerine Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell Decca 4123-A
Dec 10 1941 I Remember You Bob Eberly Decca 4132-A
Dec 10 1941 If You Build A Better Mousetrap Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell Decca 4132-B
Mar 4 1942 My Little Cousin Helen O'Connell Decca 4288-B
Mar 12 1942 Heavenly Hideaway Bob Eberly Decca 4207-A
Mar 12 1942 An Overture To Love Bob Eberly Decca 4207-B
Mar 12 1942 Jersey Bounce Decca 4288-A
May 1 1942 Wonder When My Baby's Coming Home Helen O'Connell Decca 18362-A
Oct 7 1943 They're Either Too Young Or Too Old Kitty Kallen Decca 18571-A
Oct 7 1943 Star Eyes Bob Eberly and Kitty Kallen Decca 18571-B
Jul 23 1944 Long John Silver Chant by the Band Army V-Disc 409-B
Jul 23 1944 Jumpin' Jehosephat Navy V-Disc 250-B
Feb 6 1946 Perdido Decca 18812-A
Feb 6 1946 JD's Jump Decca 18812-B

The next eight selections are from this 78 RPM album, Columbia C-196.

Nov 2 1949 Jazz Me Blues Columbia 38654
Nov 2 1949 Panama Columbia 38654
Nov 2 1949 Struttin' With Some Barbecue Columbia 38655
Nov 2 1949 Chimes Blues Columbia 38655
Nov 13 1949 Muskat Ramble Columbia 38656
Nov 13 1949 High Society Columbia 38656
Nov 2 1949 South Rampart Street Parade Columbia 38657
Nov 2 1949 Tin Roof Blues Columbia 38657

When released in 1955 as a 12" LP, Columbia CL-608, the next four selections were added.
The fidelity is better because I didn't have to deal with 78 RPM records and LPs of the period
had better fidelity than 78s did.

1949? It's A Long Way To Tipperary Pat O'Connor Columbia LP CL-608
1949? That's A-Plenty Columbia LP CL-608
1949? Levee Blues Charlie Teagarden Columbia LP CL-608
1949? When You're Smiling Columbia LP CL-608

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