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This is Decca Album 134 recorded by Bing Crosby on July 6, 1940.
It portrays a feeling that I feel is missing in this country now.
We seem to be on the wrong track and I feel we live in a
House Of Cards and it is getting worse. The government
seems to be worse than useless. What has gone wrong?

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Listen to Bing Crosby tell it - All Four Sides

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Twin Earths Sunday Pages
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Benny Goodman

What was that "Life Goes To A Party" all about?
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Vogue Picture Records
Nice record scans and you can listen too!
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Listen to Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra.
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Listen to Glenn Miller Civilian Band Airchecks.
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Now download John Flower's Bio-Discography of
Glenn Miller's Civilian Band as well as ZIP files
of each year of recordings.

Listen to Glenn Miller's Army Air Force Band.
This album plus lots more.
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Hindenburg Disaster, Lindberg Records, Lots Of Stuff

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My Recordings

To listen to recordings I made off the air in the
late 1950s and early 1960s, click HERE

RCA Victor Program Transcription Recordings

James Wallington Reading Mary Roberts Rinehart's "The Bat"
Four Hours Of Listening Pleasure On Ten Double-Sided Records
To listen, click HERE

I updated information on master numbers and recording dates for
"The Bat" on Jan 16, 2016.

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