Glenn Miller Civilian Band
Airchecks - 1938-1942

These recordings have been gathered from many and
varied sources over the past 50 plus years.
All sound files are 64 KBPS 44.1 Hz Constant Bitrate MP3s.
They are not all perfect but they are all great.
Select a year then click on date to listen.

Unless otherwise stated, theme is Moonlight Serenade.

1938 1939 1940 1941 1942

For some airchecks of what I deem to be of poor audio quality, click Here

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Most Discography Information From:
"Moonlight Serenade" - A Bio-Discography of the Glenn Miller Civilian Band
John Flower
Arlington House - 1972
Out Of Print For Many Years
Needs Updating But Still A Valuable Resource

Here is a ZIP file containing the above book
in PDF format in six parts. Happy Reading!
Moonlight Serenade by John Flower

Just for the fun of it I made twelve wide screen (1920x1080) pictures of SOME of the
jackets of various LP (mostly RCA Victor) output of Glenn Miller's music. Each picture
without LP titles and each with. They look nice if you use them in a slideshow screen saver.
The first ten LPs are 10" from 1951 thru 1954. The rest are 12" from 1953 thru 1974.

Here is a small version of the first one.

Download all twelve screen saver slideshow pictures ZIPed (3.72 MB) HERE

Here are two relatively new Glenn Miller albums offered by the English label Sepia.
They have done what I have been wishing for years that RCA Victor would do.
Collectively they contain all 122 airchecks from the following albums:
RCA Victor LPT-6700 ("Glenn Miller Limited Edition", Volume One - 1953)
RCA Victor LPT-6701 ("Glenn Miller Limited Edition", Volume Two - 1954)
RCA Victor LPM-6100 ("For The Very First Time" - 1959)
The commercial recordings found in LPT-6700 (27 of them) are
not to be found in these albums. The recordings in these albums have been cleaned up and sound
very nice. I highly recommend both of them to any serious Miller fan. As an aside, NONE of the
tracks from these albums have been used on this web site.

The contact on Sepia's web site for this album is
The contact on Sepia's web site for this album is

Here is an even newer Glenn Miller album from RolloFone Records. It consists of,
believe it or not, five newly mastered 78 rpm discs presented as a heavy duty boxed set.
You can read about and purchase this album HERE at At least as long as supplies last.
They are not making many of these sets. Beautiful records!

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