Edison Diamond Disc Records

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These recordings were all made at 80 RPM.

The first three records are uncommon and desired by
collectors of Edison Diamond Discs.

Edison Diamond Disc 50509
"Let Us Not Forget - A Message To The American People"
Listen Here"
At under two minutes, this has to be the shortest recording
ever issued on a Diamond Disc record. It is also the
only commercial record to contain the voice
of Thomas A. Edison. Recorded: Dec 30, 1918.

"Holiday Greetings From The Bunch At Orange" - Part One
Recorded: Nov 25, 1924
Listen Here

"Holiday Greetings From The Bunch At Orange" - Part Two
Recorded: Nov 25, 1924
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Edison 24 Minute LP 10004 - L Side
Listen Here

Edison 24 Minute LP 10004 - R Side
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Here are some more common items that are just fun.

Edison 51155-L - "Old King Tut" - Billy Jones And Ernest Hare
Recorded: Apr 17, 1923
Listen Here

Edison 51155-R - "Barney Google" - Billy Jones and Ernest Hare
Recorded: Apr 13, 1923
Listen Here

A Selection By Earl Oliver's Jazz Babies
Vocal by Tom Howard and Band
Recorded: Nov 5, 1926
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I have no label scans for these.

Edison 50493 - "Indianola" - Billy Murray
Recorded: Jun 5, 1918 (Etched Label)
Listen Here

Edison 52365 - "Just A Night For Meditation"
Al Friedman Orch with Theo Alban
Recorded: Jul 23, 1928
Listen Here

As a lover of Classic Sci-Fi literature, I have always had a liking for the works of
Ray Cummings. If you too like Ray Cummings you may be interested in the fact that
he worked for a time for the Edison company. He wrote many of the blurbies that
appear on Diamond Disc jackets that tell you how wonderful the record that you
have just purchased is. Here are three examples - with his signature of course.
These recordings were made in late 1918 and early 1919 and hit the market probably
just about the time that his most famous story was being published -
"The Girl In The Golden Atom" in 1919.

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