The Golden Age Of 78 RPM
Recordings - 1925-1945

Listen to music from the Golden Age of 78 RPM records!
Just like your grandparents (Great-grandparents even) used to do! Wow!

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When you listen, remember that except for a few alternate takes these are from
78s, not LPs or CDs. Some sound beautiful, some have typical 78 RPM noise.
Be kind in your judgement. At my age, I am a bit scratchy too.
A very few of these came from YouTube which contains a wealth of material.
The only problem with YouTube is that everything is scattered all over.
On occasion I will slip in an alternate take NOT from 78 RPM.
These will be marked "Not From 78 RPM" in the 78 RPM Source column.

Some of the label scans will have a white ink stamp on them which
is invariably not all readable. Older records had stickers
which convey basically the same message as the white ink stamp.
Here are some examples.

I think that these were records that were pulled from the production line and
played as a quality check looking for a worn or damaged stamper. These records,
once played, could not be sold to the public so they were sold to employees.
They show up often if you live near the former home of a Victor pressing plant as I do.

Pick a time period for your listening pleasure.

1925-1932 1932-1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942-1945

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